lewis nash tRanscRiption / too close foR comfoRt – chRistian mcbRide





今では入手困難なクリスチャン・マクブライドの名盤 ” Gettin’ to it “。












chRistian mcbRide in tokyo










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fReddie hubbaRd

Mark Templeton Piano, Carl Allen drums, Kenny Garrett Alto Sax, Ira Coleman Bass

元はArt Blakey & Jazz MessengersのCaravanから。

Carl AllenとKenny Garrettは別人のようです。



Christian McBride: Yes.  That was the cherry on top.  One of the musicians I had met in high school was the great drummer, Carl Allen.  Carl was playing both with Freddie Hubbard, and everybody knew that if you wanted to play with FreddieCarl Allen was the man to talk to because not only was he Freddie’s drummer, but he was also Freddie’s road manager.  Freddie’s pianist at that time was Benny Green who had become probably my closest and dearest friend upon my arrival in New York.  He was playing some of those early gigs with Bobby Watson as well.  So Benny and I got to be really great friends.  I would nudge Carl in the side and say, “Hey, man.”  Freddie’s bass player at that time was a gentleman by the name of Jeff Chambers.  I said, “So, Carl, when Jeff can’t make it who does Freddie use?”  “Oh well, whoever is available.”  I said, “Well, if it’s not too much to ask throw my name in the hat.”  Carl said, “I got it.  Don’t worry.  Don’t worry.  I’ll put in the good word for you,” and as fate would have it a show came up, Jeff couldn’t do it and Carl called me up.  He said, “All right, here’s your chance.  You ready?”  And I flew to Chicago and played the South Shore Jazz Festival, and I stayed in Freddie’s band for two and a half years.  And it was just the most amazing experience getting to hang with him, getting to listen to someone with that level of mastery up close.  I’d seen Freddie play live when I was in high school, and the energy was the same as a rock and roll or an R&B show.  It was so much fire, so much energy.  Hearing him play, just people in the audience were like shouting.  It was incredible.  Jazz is supposed to be mature.